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Joining 1st Talent is FREE, but you have to be invited to come to one of our casting days held in central London.

A casting day interview typically lasts about 30 minutes. Casting days are always held at the weekend and there is no charge.

Before you can be invited to attend a casting day, please fill out the online form below.

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If invited to one of our audition days, would you like to have a 20 headshot photo session for a special rate of £69, which can be used as part of your portfolio?*

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Note: If you are selected to join 1st Talent Acting Agency , you will need some high quality headshots which may cost up to £300 through a professional photographer. Because the professional photographer that we use at our auditions is there for the whole day , he offers a photoshoot for £69 and the photo's can help us to decide if you are right for 1st Talent Acting Agency.

(max upload size 5Mb)

If you have NOT requested a photo shoot, please make sure you attach a professional quality photograph (not a 'selfie')
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