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When I was 14, I visualized that I will be champion in boxing. I went there, trained so hard and I succeed. I gave up from boxing cause I wasn't passionate enough about it. I am Red Cross Volunteer, became Supervisor when I was 18, continue to work as a Manager until I was 21, started acting in the theatre when I was 16. When I was 21 I realized that acting makes me happy and that acting is fun, and I discovered that I am really passionate about it. I wanted something bigger, I wanted to move to London. When I was 21, with no money, no job, my heart told me to not be afraid and that soon I will be on my way to London, I didn't know how, but I felt it. After one month I found myself in London. I took classes in Method Acting by Abigail Hopkins. Now I had over 10 Music Video projects, a couple of shorts paid jobs.

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